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Name: Nat Arandale: Tash Arranda
Age: 15
Appearance: Tall, pale-eyed blond girl
Occupation: Student

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- Basic Force-Sensitivity (sense of others, danger)
2nd Echo- Tash's spacesuit, no tractor beams
3rd Echo- Basic shielding
4th Echo- Tash's pendant on its chain, glow and bittersweetness included
5th Echo- Brain removal scars
6th Echo- Memory of the cloning facility on Dantooine
7th Echo- Knowledge that there is a species of elfy humanoids called Sephi with members and offshoots scattered across known space.
8th Echo- Basic low-level telekinesis. Shoving, lifting, or carrying something about up to the size of things she can actually physically move, though doing it consciously will require starting with very light things.
9th Echo- Shapeshifting is normal.
10th Echo- Huttese.
11th Echo- A little knowledge of the Holy Order of the Jedi Knights - monastic guardians of peace and justice, in communion with a sacred power that blessed them with strange skills and talents. It's said they could read minds, make things float, see the future, heal etc, and they had shining swords. Knowledge that the Order is truly ancient and has been through various twists and turns, there have been many schisms and branching offs, flowerings and witherings. That it was purged. Officially all members and collaborators have been hunted down and killed, the sacred sites have been razed, all knowledge of it is forbidden, all artifacts are to be destroyed.
12th Echo- Nonchalance about close calls and nearly dying.
13th Echo-Pieces of a lightsaber
14th Echo-How to assemble a lightsaber
15th Echo-Her X-wing, weapons and shields offline and probably the hyperdrive too
16th Echo-Affinity for ghosts
17th Echo-Increased psychic-ness
18th Echo-Working knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force
19th Echo-The ability to enhance or dampen down her senses
20th Echo-Force Persuade
21st Echo-Lightsaber combat
22nd Echo-Tier 2, Sulk.
23rd Echo-Alliance signet ring
24th Echo-Piloting skills
25th Echo-X-wing's capabilities restored
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Name: Joysweeper
Are you over 15? Indeed
Contact: Try Plurk
Current characters in the game: Julien/Yuuya

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Nat is sensitive to other psychic characters and usually has strong, accurate first impressions of them. When around some she feels reassured, happy, and like she should trust them immediately. Around others she feels massive distrust, fear, and dread. With some she feels it more strongly than with others.

Usually this corresponds to good and evil, or less starkly selflessness, willingness to help someone in trouble, versus selfishness. This could vary from moment to moment, since this is a pretty complicated issue.

Please, if your character is psychic and has face-to-face interaction with Nat, comment here. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean she'll keep feeling this way. It's a first impression!
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Tash is an unremarkable, quiet girl with gold-brown hair in braids and large, watchful blue eyes. She's fourteen, bony, and on the tall side. Full application.


1st - Pregame, when she was about three. Recurrence. Weak Force-Sensitivity.
2nd - The lights. Item. The crystal necklace Tash's mother gave her, charged with the Force.
3rd - Recurrence, people being zoned out/not themselves. Memory/information. Certainty that she could fix people like this, she just doesn't know how.
4th - Recurrence, general network paranoia about powers, items, and authority figures. Memory/information. Powerful deja vu. She's been part of a minority with strange powers and alien artifacts persecuted by authorities before.
5th - Recurrence, a post about jarred brains. Physical change. The scars from a brain removal.
6th - Recurrence, the mines trap. Item. An asteroid miner's spacesuit in her size. The tractor beam-bearing boots are absent.
7th - The vague sense of a constant, utterly inhuman presence, vast as the sky, impersonal. It links up to her existing weak Force abilities, so if she pays attention she will know that her hunches and so on come from it, but it doesn't seem to acknowledge most of what she says or does. If she ever gets into a particular state of despair she may perceive it as speaking to her, but this is things like "You're not alone, Tash. You're never alone."
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Back when [community profile] distantskies was open I considered taking Tash there. It closed and I'm repurposing the partial app, but I wanted to save the dæmon aspect of the app.


Name: Daranas (Cassandra)

Sex: Male

Form: Ludos

Additional notes: Ludos are basically tree-climbing alien octopi equipped with eight long, strong locomotive tentacles and two shorter forked arms used for manipulation and feeding. They can sing or “pipe”, and they have color-changing and bioluminescent abilities.

Tash is still rather young, so Daranas is smaller than an adult ludos, with larger multiple eyes. His default color is a warm gray with mottled red-pink coloring, particularly on his mantle.

Why this form:

Ludos are at home in the water or up in trees, and they are able to get around pretty well on land. They’re flexible feeders, going after dead fish, fruit, and tiny animals that conceal themselves in mud and silt. By the time of settling - which I’m going to say happened during the sixth book, Army of Terror - Tash was well used to adjusting herself to different worlds. The way ludos patiently sift through silt with their manipulative tentacles isn’t unlike Tash’s preference to sit and think something over.

Ludos have various predators. If they can’t simply escape, they set off bright bioluminescent flashes in their skins, in the hopes of startling their predators. If that doesn’t work they may turn dull black and play dead.

Their glow helps them navigate and find each other through murky water. I know powers aren’t supposed to affect daemon choice, but Tash’s Force-Sensitivity forms a definite part of her character. It set her apart from a young age and contributed to her never really getting along with peers.

Hikers on the ludos homeworld often make pets of them and use them as “backpack companions” to help ward off predators and keep party members in sight.

Finally, and this is trivial - the illustration of the ludos makes them look threatening, like the one on a man’s back is strangling him. You wouldn’t know they aren’t dangerous if not for the caption. Tash’s canon is rife with cliffhangers at the ends of chapters, but often the start of the next chapter reveals that the crisis was false - there actually is one where she feels something cold and slimy slip around her neck, and then the next chapter has her scream and tear it off, only to find it’s a flower necklace.
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Icon keywords from here.

I was born on a dancing world, where day and darkness run
Do-si-do with the dusty moon, around a distant sun.
Which shyly skirts a wider waltz, by gravity's request
Around a swirling galaxy that knows no point of rest.

Oh, I come by it honestly if I am star-beguiled,
For if I am a rover, well, I am my planet's child.
The very iron in my blood has wandered wide and far--
Forged and flung from the fire's heart that fueled a foreign star.

Mars hangs low in the winter sky, a faint red spark to see,
That might yet hold some scrap of life; a wanderer like me;
A fractured portrait hinting how the solar system spawned;
And more than that--a stepping stone to all the worlds beyond.

Pink and pearl the summer skies on Martian planetside,
Where clouds of ice and iron help to swing the seasons wide.
And in the winter morning with the sky all blue with night,
A freezing fog comes furling in to veil the valleys white.

Soon enough I'll soar away to sail the sunlit black,
Thirty months as earthlings count to travel out and back.
The calendar is counting down; the zero hour nears,
To add my own small circle to the clockwork of the spheres.


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